USB Stick

  1. Buy a USB stick. As a standard stick can hold gigabytes of data, anyone will do.
  2. Make sure the stick is empty. No files, no folders/directories.


  1. Open downloaded ZIP file
  2. Extract content to an empty folder/directory
  3. Copy the content of the mit-v0.1 folder/directory to the USB stick.

Enter Your Information

  1. Open the start.html file with a text editor (
  2. Change or enter all the information you think you will every need.
    1. Identification: Proof to the doctor or hospital, this data is about you.
    2. Allergies: Don't make the medicine worst then the illness.
    3. Insurance: You don't want to argue about money when your in pain.
    4. Medication: Not only what and how much, but also where to get it.
    5. Vaccinations: Better safe then sorry.
    6. Medical History: Anything a doctor/surgeon needs to know or can find in your body.
    7. General Practitioner: For more information.
    8. Parent(s)/Legal Guardian: In case of children or people with problems to communicate.
    9. Contact in Case of Emergency: Family/friend/employer.
    10. Copyright: Enter your name, for some legal protection of your data.
  3. Open the pictures folder/directory.
  4. Replace the id-photo.jpg with your own photo. Width = 180 pixels, height = 240 pixels.
  5. Replace or delete the identification photos of parents/legal guardian.
  6. Copy all the essential images, videos and documents in this folder/directory. Like X-ray images. Hearth movies. Medical reports.
  7. Check if all links work.
  8. This is your master USB stick. Keep it save.

Protect Your Information